Executive Board

In order to ensure the effective running of the Centre between the sessions of the Governing Council, a standing Executive Board shall be established with five members elected and assigned by the Governing Council. The Executive Board shall hold its meetings two times a year. The Executive Board shall function according to the Executive Board’s Rules of Procedure to be drafted by the Secretariat in the course of the first year following the first Meeting of the Governing Council, and approved by the same Executive Board during its First Meeting. 

The composition of the Executive Board shall be determined through the Executive Board’s Rules of Procedure. 

In the Course of its first Meeting, the Governing Council shall elect and assign its representatives to the Executive Board for the first year, who will function as Interime Members of the Executive Board for the period of one year prior to the compilation and approval of the Centre's Rules of Procedure. 

The Executive Board’s Rules of Procedure will determine the procedure of electing and/or re-electing the Members of the same

Duties of the Executive Board

The Executive Board of the Centre shall:

(a) supervise the execution of the Centre's approved programmes and activities,

(b) examine the Centre's projects and budget, as well as drafts of the decisions of the Governing Council, to make recommendations to the Governing Council concerning the Strategy and the Long-term and Medium-term Programmes of the Centre.