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Tehran ICH Centre in cooperation with Shiraz Municipality, organized the Fifth Annual Coordination Meeting of Category 2 Centres in the Field of ICH (Intangible Cultural Heritage) from 23- 24 September 2017, in shiraz, Iran.

The 2-day meeting brought together representative from UNESCO secretariat from Paris (UNESCO HEADQUARTER) and the other field offices from China, Cuba, Thailand, and category 2 centres from Iran (Tehran ICH Centre), Bulgaria (Sofia Centre), China (CRIHAP), Japan (IRCI), Korea (CRIHAP), Peru (CRESPIAL), and Deputy of Iranian Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism, and chairperson to the Governing council of Tehran ICH Centre, And shiraz Authorities.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss issues on the recent developments for UNESCO (the new 39 c/5) and in the life of 2003 convention and objectives of the meeting, UNESCO IOS audit on category 2 centres, discussion on working methods and processes between c1cs and UNESCO Field Office, Work plan and updates from Category 2 centres, discussion about the preparation of work plans and possible future activities, synergies and cooperation amongst the centres and with UNESCO Secretariat, renewal of category 2 centres status- updates.

The Agenda of the meeting was thoroughly followed with extensive discussions. Proposals were gathered, modifications were made in the related documents.

On the sideline of the meeting on 12 and 13, Shiraz Authorities organized 2-day cultural excursion from (to) some historical places in Shiraz.

The whole event was documented and broadcasted by reporters and representatives of news agencies in the field of culture.






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