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Tehran ICH Centre organized its first ordinary Meeting of the Executive Board with the presence of representatives of Tajikistan and Kazakhstan, representative of the expert members of the Board, a representative from the Office of Inscriptions and Preservation and Revitalization of Intangible and Natural Heritage, and personnel of Tehran ICH Center. Mr. Mohamad Hasan Talebian, Deputy of ICHHTO and Chairman to Governing Council of Tehran ICH Center, was the chairman of this meeting; Yadollah Parmoun, Director of Tehran ICH Center, assumed the responsibility of Secretariat of the meeting. The meeting organized on 10 and 11 September 2016, at Tehran ICH Center’s permanent residency in Emaarat-e Kooshk.


During the two-day meeting of the Executive Board, members decided on proposed amendments on some of articles of the Center’s basic texts. On the final session, regarding that Tehran ICH Center is getting close to its first period of activity, and according to the UNESCO’s protocol on the agreements of Category 2 Centers, Tehran ICH Center have to prepare its report of activities to be evaluated by the UNESCO, therefore, members presented their suggestions on preparing of the very report.

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