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In order to promote the concept of intangible cultural heritage and introduce its instances to wider group of people in the area of west and central Asia, Tehran ICH Centre intends to organize an international photography competition, with title of “Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Context”. In this regard, we invite every enthusiast for photography and every individual in local communities who is immediately dealing and actually living with instances of Intangible Cultural Heritage to participate in the mentioned Competition.


Conditions and Regulations


1-     Every participant should send FIVE photos, maximally.

2-     For each photo File Description (ICH Info) must be completed(Download it at the bottom of the page).

3-     Enthusiasts could send their works to" PHOTO@TICHCT.IR"

4-     Size of sent works should be in the range of 500 Kb up to 2 Mb in JPEG format,

5-     For further information regarding the condition and subject of competition, please visit our website" WWW.TICHCT.ORG " and read the CALL OF COMPETITION (Download it at the bottom of the page).


Secretariat of the Competition


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