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Deadline for International Photography Competition EXTENDED.

The policy making council of Tehran ICH Centre decided to extend the deadline for the International Photography Competition “Intangible Cultural Heritage in the context” until Early March 2017.

On the verge of New Year, families throughout Nowrouz countries are preparing themselves to celebrate this great ancient ceremony. By the extension of time for the submission of works, the possibility is provided for those who are interested in Photography and Intangible Cultural Heritage, to send us photos with the content of ‘Nowrouz’ Celebrations and Rituals, as well as other ICH Elements.


Conditions and Regulations 

1-    Every participant should send FIVE photos, maximally.

2-    For each photo File Description (ICH Info) must be completed(Download it at the bottom of the page).

3-    Enthusiasts could send their works to" PHOTO@TICHCT.IR"

4-    Size of sent works should be in the range of 500 Kb up to 2 Mb in JPEG format,

5-    For further information regarding the conditions and subject of competition, please visit our website" WWW.TICHCT.ORG " and read the call of competition (Download it at the bottom of the page).



In addition to International Certificate, winners of this competition will be given cash awards as follows: 


Fist winner: 1000 $ (USD)

Second winner: 600 $ (USD)

Third winner: 400 $ (USD)


Secretariat of International Photography Competition, “Tehran ICH Centre”



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