Upcoming Events

Action Plan of Tehran ICH Centre for 2015 was adopted in our Second Ordinary Governing Council Meeting, which was held from 4-6 May 2015 in Tehran-Iran.

Holding regular capacity-building workshops on Intangible Cultural Heritage in Iran, Iraq and Turkmenistan;

Updating the website of  Tehran ICH Centre;

Organizing International Expert Meeting on Safeguarding West and Central Asian Intangible Cultural Heritage

Publication of Tehran ICH Centre’s specialized quarterly : ICH Inquirer ;Journal of West and Central Asian Intangible Cultural Heritage Studies;

Holding photo exhibitions on the ICH over the Region;

- Active collaboration with the other Category 2 Centres, worldwide;

Organizing events on the occasion of  International days and weeks;

Holding regular capacity buildings workshops on Intangible Cultural Heritage for NGOs and local communities;

Participating in the National, Regional and International meetings on Intangible Cultural Heritage.